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Welcome to the Studfax Web site!

Studfax is a personal computer program for livestock performance and pedigree recording.

It is used by stud breeders throughout New Zealand. Studfax will record any animal species and is widely used by breeders of:

bulletRegistered (and unregistered) Romney, Perendale, Texel, Merino, East Friesian, Corriedale, Suffolk, South Suffolk, Poll Dorset, Dorset Down, Southdown, East Friesian, and various composite breed flocks.
bulletHereford, Angus, Charolais and Red Poll beef cattle
bulletRed deer, Wapiti (Elk)
bulletAngora, Boer and Cashmere goats
bulletStandardbred race horses

Studfax is approved for use by Sheep Improvement Limited.
Users can interface directly with SIL over the Internet with Studfax's SIL
export/import facilities.
Studfax is the only on-farm system to combine fully featured performance recording (including pedigrees) with a direct Internet link to SIL.

Studfax is marketed by Compubreed Systems.

For more information, contact us.


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