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  R. H. Fletcher 2003

List of ewes with lambing dates 


Instant visual display of which ewes have lambed.

The main screen shows a scrollable list of ewe tags with their lambing date and number of lambs.

Ewes still to lamb have a blank lambing date which is easy to spot.

This prevents mistaken ewe identification where occasionally a ewe might be credited with a set of twins and then later also allocated a new set of lambs.

Automatic allocation of birth dates

The lambing date is stored once for the ewe and becomes the birth date for her lambs.

The lambing date defaults to today’s date, but can be picked from a calendar.


Automatic allocation of lamb tag numbers

Tag numbers start at 1 and are automatically allocated sequential tags.

There is an option to set the starting tag, and this can be useful where more than one person is involved with lambing – One operator can tag lambs 1 – 99 while the second is tagging lambs 100-199.

Automatic allocation of birth ranks

When a second or subsequent lamb is entered for a ewe, all of her lambs become twins or triplets as appropriate. 

Drop-Down selection of lamb sex

A new lamb is automatically given a sex of Ram, but a drop-down lets you select Ewe as the sex.

Drop-Down selection of lamb fate

Lambs “Born Dead” are automatically given a higher tag number, eg 5001

The Base Tag number for dead lambs is adjustable.

Entry of Lamb and or Ewe Remarks

Using a pop-up image of a keyboard, or the Palm’s Graffiti writing capabilities, you can enter alphanumeric comments

Quick search facility

Scrolling to look for a particular ewe can be fiddly, so a search facility exists where you can type the ewe’s tag and have the main screen instantly find that ewe. Find a particular lamb and its mother just as easily.

Multiple flocks

Many breeders are recording more than one flock, so there is a menu to switch between flocks.

Easy  setup from Studfax

Studfax will produce a list of ewes, which a companion program converts to a Palm database and this is uploaded to the Palm at the next HotSync – a one-button press which synchronizes data between the PC and the Palm.

The Palm recognises when the ewe database is newer than its lamb database, signalling the start of a new year’s lambing.

Similarly, a HotSync operation will download the days lambing to the PC, ready for Studfax to read into the Current Lamb file, and automating the filling out of other information such as the Sires, Rearing Ranks etc. 



Tha Palm Handheld is small enough to fit in a breast pocket, and comes with pre-loaded applications such as address-book, To Do list, memopad, calculator and others.

The Lambing application saves the hassles associated with pen and paper recording, and at the same time helps with timely and accurate gathering of lambing data.

Hermetically sealed "Aquapac" (separately available) allows use of your Palm in the worst of weather!

Versions for other animal species available on request.