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About Studfax
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Studfax was originally written in Borland Turbo Pascal, and first released in 1990. At that stage, computer hard disks were often as small as 10 or 20 Mb, and memory was limited to 640K bytes. Consequently the program had to be very efficient in terms of size and speed. These attributes have been maintained when the program was converted for use in Windows using Borland Delphi. Studfax will run even on a 386 machine with 4 Mb memory.

Studfax has its own proprietary data storage with customisable data input forms, reports and data manipulation. This is achieved with its own programming language, similar to Pascal.

There are currently available sophisticated databases for sheep, cattle, deer, goats, alpaca and horses.

bulletrecord any animal species
bulletanalyse performance figures
bulletrank on any trait
bulletincrease genetic improvement
bulletget to know your stock better

Studfax includes a module for Estimated Breeding Values for sheep and goats (separate registration required) and a disk-spanning backup and restore program with file compression.

Studfax is marketed by Compubreed Systems. For more information, contact The Marketing Manager , or the programmer.