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Download a fully functional version of Studfax, valid for 30 days trial.


Download (1.7 Mb, 1st January 2019).

If you are already registered for the full program, this download will just update your programs to the latest version.

- This is a self-extracting file containing the 32-bit version of Studfax suitable for Windows95 and later operating systems.
Choose "Save" to install directly to your hard disk, then run it (Run as Administrator).
This will install the Studfax programs, including on-line help, to 'c:\studwin' by default.
If this is your first download of Studfax, you will also need the dual purpose sheep database (DualShp) or the terminal sire breeds database (Terminal) below.

Download DualShp.exe (300k bytes, 20th November 2010)
- This self-extracting file will install the dual-purpose (meat and wool)
sheep database (driver files and empty data files) to 'c:\studwin\dual'.

Download Terminal.exe (320k bytes, 6th July 2011)
- This self-extracting file will install the Terminal sire breeds
sheep database (driver files and empty data files) to 'c:\studwin\Terminal'.

Download DualDrvrs.exe (268k bytes,
20th November 2010).
- These files are the latest 'driver' files for the dual-purpose sheep database. This download is the same as DualShp.exe above, but contains no Studfax data files, so it will not overwrite any of your existing data.
It is intended only for existing users. After installation you will need to copy the files from c:\studwin\dual\drivers to your existing sheep database.



For other databases, please contact one of the Compubreed team.