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"We are thrilled the way Studfax works - it has enabled us to make tremendous progress in our stud and for our clients."

            Russell Welsh, Twin Farm Romney stud 

"The more I use Studfax the more I am impressed by it."

           Chris Turner, Rangitikei Rams,
                     Texels, Poll Dorsets, East Friesians, Coopworths.

"Studfax for Windows is a very powerful database program. The more I use it the more I appreciate its flexibility and versatility. I’ve been doing quite a lot of sheep trial data analysis lately, and the ease with which one can enter data using default settings is something I appreciate every time I need to enter a new group of animals."   

            Ken Moore, Marketing manager.  

"STUDFAX is an amazing and productive stud programme for analysing records. Anything is possible."

            David Smith.   HollyFarm Romneys.

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the Palm Lambing program.
It is really working well and is a lot quicker in the paddock than all the writing in the Tag book!
Thanks for a great program"

            Donny MacLean